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Dec. 10th, 2009


Friends Only

Due to a family issue, this journal will be Friends Only until further notice. If you wish to friend me, please leave a comment here and I will check you out. Letting me know how you found me or how we know each other in real life will help.

Sep. 25th, 2009


We are in Fort Stanton Texas

On day 2 of our cross country oddessy. We should be in Houston tomorrow and I will try to post a larger update then. I won't be able to get caught up on the Friends List, so if something important has happened, let me know here.

Sep. 16th, 2009


"Green Scales Fell Like Rain"

Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary has died.

A part of my childhood is gone forever. I just hope Puff is waiting for her in Honah Lee.

Sep. 11th, 2009


My Husband is Full of Win

This morning Infinite City was at #10 on the BGG Hotness list. This afternoon it was at #6. As of midnight pacific time IT IS AT #2 and the game doesn't release until next month. For those of you keeping score at home, that means that IC's page on BGG is the second most visited on the site (I think). Even the Troll and his stupid 1 rating (which he apparently gives to all new games according to one of the site admin) hasn't stopped people from looking at the site and pre-ordering the game.

Brent Keith for the Game Design Win!! Charles Urbach for the Art Design Win!!

It may be a veritable hit...

Sep. 10th, 2009


Vintage Ian

Literally. These are shots of Ian that I took today, wearing some family heirlooms. The three smocks shown in these pictures were originally worn by my late uncle, Wethered Woodworth Jr, in the mid-1920s. My mother has pictures of him, herself, my cousin John, me and my sister in these little outfits, although, my mother, my sister and I didn't wear the bloomers under them. Those are for boys only.

Ian in the first Woodworth smock.

More Pictues of Ian in Vintage Wear Under the CutCollapse )

Book Case for Sale (local to SoCal only)

Below the cut are book cases we are looking to get rid of. They are in reasonably good condition but we will have no space for them at Mom's and no money to store them.

Book Cases HereCollapse )

Please contact me by commenting here (comments will be screened) or by emailing me, if you are interested. Items must be picked up at our apartment in Santa Ana by September 21st.

Ian in his kilt and sweater

Sep. 9th, 2009


Exciting News

Infinite City, the game of Brent's that is due to release at Essen, is #10 on the Board Game Geek's "The Hotness" list and IT HASN'T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Jeannie does the Board Game Designer's Wife Happy Dance around the living room*

Please Goddess, let this be the beginning of better times for us. We surely need it!

Sep. 7th, 2009


The Sound of Silence

Hello one and all. I just realized that I haven't posted a great of actual content since we've been back from the beach. There are any number of reasons for this but I feel I should at least let you all know what is really going on here.

Ian: is mostly fine. He's cut 2 teeth in the last 3 weeks and appears to be cutting another one right now. He had a doctor's appointment on Friday and although he's only 21lbs, he's 31 inches long, so he is growing. He had a wonderful time at the beach and seems to be thriving despite the chaos around him.

Brent: is busy getting things settled at work so we can spend 10 days driving across the country. This is actually a pretty good time for him to be unavailable because he has no real deadlines until the beginning of October.

The Move: We've hit some snags here. Our search for movers has been stalled by the holiday weekend but I'm hoping that we will have a moving company by the middle next week. Our apartment is trashed and in chaos and its killing me. We are currently without any moving help because Lynne has to get her belongings out of her mother's house by the middle of September (when it becomes her brother's house) and her deadline is sooner than ours. But that means we are short on boxes and extra hands and its slowed us down.

Our Finances: are a hopeless disaster and will be for the next year to 18 months. Enough said.

Me: This is the hard one. I'm bearing the brunt of the stress here, alone. Brent is wrapped up in work and needs to be for at least a little while longer. I'm packing the entire apartment on my own because he's too busy and no one else has time to help me and the weight of it all is killing me. And then there is physical pain. Sometime on Tuesday, I hurt my back. I'm not sure when it happened but by the evening I was in extreme pain and nothing was helping it. Brent looked me over and couldn't find anything muscular wrong. Right now we think its neurological. I'm OK if I'm standing but if I sit too long or lie down for too long, the pain becomes really bad. And my usual pain remedies haven't done anything for it. So I'm not getting a lot of sleep and I'm not getting a lot of rest in general because I can only really sit long enough to catch my breath.

Why haven't you been to the doctor about this, you ask? Because we still do not have insurance and we cannot afford more than one doctor's appointment uninsured. And Ian wins on that score. And why are we still without insurance, you ask? Because despite being assured by any number of people, some of them here on LJ, that I should qualify for the COBRA subsidy, I was turned down for both COBRA and the subsidy. That's right, due to a screw up on the part of my former employers, I couldn't get my paperwork into COBRA on time and even though they told me that they would consider an extension, I would not qualify for the subsidy (making my monthly COBRA payments more than my rent). So why am I not on Brent's insurance? Well, that is because HealthNet is full of assholes. When we realized that our attempts at going onto COBRA were going to fall through, we contacted the insurance broker that handles AEG's policies and she submitted our paperwork to HealthNet. A month later they still haven't decided whether on not they will cover us and on Friday they sent a bunch of paperwork to fill out about pre-existing conditions, even though we had already sent them the notification from the previous company with all that info on it. Basically they are looking for a reason to refuse to cover us. The broker, who is a really wonderful person and has done everything she can think of to help us, keeps getting told that we will be covered for future expenses but they won't give us cards yet because they don't know if they can cover us from the beginning of June. We find this highly amusing, since Ian's 12 month appointment was covered by my previous insurance and we hadn't been to the doctor again until Friday. And we had already rescheduled that appointment twice to try and get the health insurance issues sorted out. We couldn't wait any longer because Ian needed his immunizations before we head east. But I can't go to the doctor for my back and that means that to all intents and purposes I'm crippled until further notice. If we had the money to do it, I'd be contacting a lawyer right now and suing HealthNet, the COBRA Admin company and possibly my former employers. But my life is screwed and I have no power to make any of the above pay for what they have done to my family.

This would not be a good time for anyone to defend the health insurance industry in my hearing. They are at fault here. We are the victims. If you can't support us, shut up.

And none of this deals with the fact that we won't have insurance once we leave California. Brent is going to talk to his boss about that next week...

I'm tired all the time. I'm in pain all the time. I look at our apartment and I want to scream. And I have no where to go with it all. help...

Sep. 1st, 2009


For the DC crowd only:

As our move is getting closer, its time to start being serious on the other end. Here is what I know for sure:

-We will be living with my mother. For those of you who don't remember or never knew, she lives in Bethesda, between River Rd and Massachusetts Ave. We will be staying with her for at least 6 months, but it may be longer depending on my job prospects.

-I am currently looking for work as a library clerk/assistant. I do not have an MLS but I do have enough on the job experience, including running as small office library, to fill an entry level librarian position if they aren't picky about extra education. I am interested in getting into cataloging and catalog maintenance. I either need set part time hours or full time hours, making between $16 and $20 an hour, for us to be able to afford child care. I will be totally dependent on public transit once I start working since we will not be able to afford a second car and my mother's car is ready for the junk heap. So my work area is somewhat limited without a car. It can be worked around (ie having Brent drop me off and pick me up) but I'd rather be more independent. I would prefer DC or the MD suburbs but close in NoVa is fine too. If anyone hears of a position popping up I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know. I am currently expecting to be available to work as of 10/19.

-We need to be settled at Mom's with an active internet connection by 10/7. There is a project that Brent will need to take over as lead on and that's the transition date. As a result, we will most likely be arriving at Mom's on or about 10/1, depending on when we can get the movers and how long we visit in Houston with Brent's family along the way.

-We will be putting at least some of our stuff in storage.

Here is what I need, in the way of help:

-Recommendations for a good pediatrician for Ian and a high-risk OBGYN for myself. Both will need to be located in North West DC or the close in MD suburbs.

-Strong arms and backs to help re-arrange furniture. We will need to play musical bedrooms once we arrive at Mom's so that everyone (including Bethy, for her weekend visits) has their own bedroom (with Brent and I sharing of course). We will also need help setting up the office space in the family room and moving stuff that doesn't fit into storage. I'm guessing that we will need help with this the first full weekend of October, but if we are later than I think, it might turn out to be the second weekend instead.

-Not so strong arms and good eyes to help with Ian during the great furniture shift. Mom will be there but I would love it if she had some help herding Wee Boy (and any other smalls whose parents wish to join in the fray). Brent and I will both be needed to direct, lift and haul.

-Willing victims for a board game play group, to meet at least every other week (once a week would be best but I know that everyone has crazy schedules) that will involve occasional play test of games in development. Brent will need folks to try prototypes out on and it would be great to have a play group of about 6 people to really run paces. The play test would be open to anyone within the group who has a prototype to offer up.

-An RPG of some kind that meets weekly and has an open place for 2 reasonably experienced players. Brent doesn't mind GMing if we can find folks interested in playing but we would need at least 5 players total to make any of his campaigns work.

-Recommendations on a medium to large-sized, fairly liberal Presbyterian church (PCUSA only) for Brent, which has an ethnically diverse congregation and uses a traditional service formant and traditional music. An active adult hand bell choir is a plus.

-Recommendations on a Knit Night, Pagan Circle and/or Reading Group for me. Brent and I have made a deal that we each get a night to ourselves once we are settled. His will be for street skating downtown, but I'm still looking for mine.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide. We are really looking forward to being settled and having a more normal life.

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